In Science and Social Science Exhibition Conducted by Chinmaya Vidalaya our Junior group bagged second prize and the team members are MsGauriRautVIIa and Mast Gaurav Rawool VIIB.Our junior group bagged third position and the members are Ms Khyati Rautela VIIA and Mast Nihir Divekar of VIIB. In sub-junior category we bagged the second prize and the team members are Ms AnanyaKharade of IVB and Mast Ved Malvankar of VB.All India Science Exhibition: In All India Science Exhibition ShriMukesh Kumar Arya, PGTbagged first position for his Teaching aid on Different teaching aids in the field of Science and Technology. Through his teaching aid he tried developing an aid that can help the students in learning concept of pressure, Fleming Left Hand rules, Fibre Optics communication and how to display waveform by using any devices made at a low cost. Science Social Science Mathematics and Teaching aid exhibition was conducted in our school on 15th December 2022. The day proved that innovation is a catalyst in bringing paradigm shift in the field of Science ,Social Science and Mathematics. Students enthusiastically exhibited their exhibits and the winners were felicitated